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From the comments section....

Someone left me this (anonymous)

I didn't know if you knew, but there is already a series of books out under the heading SASS (Students across the seven seas). If you go on amazon.com and look up Cathy Hapka or Michelle Jellen, you'll see some of the titles. Not that it means anything, or that you should give up. Just wanted to let you know.


Of course I knew this.... this is the same series I'm trying to write for, silly. :-D. Notice that there are two different names and yet its the same series? Every book is written by a different author. Michelle wrote the 3rd, Cathy wrote the 4th...if mine is contracted I think I'd land somewhere in the 12-13 range. I actually own BOTH of those books- one of them was sent to me BY the editor of the SASS series.

Thats why its called a "packaged" deal. The publisher came up with the series and then turns around and looks for writers. SASS is not my original idea, but the character and HER adventure are.



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