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Reality Chick-- A REVIEW

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REALITY CHICK, By Lauren Barnholdt features Ally Cavanaugh, a girl "too normal" to ever be picked for a Reality TV show called IN THE HOUSE (Think THE REAL WORLD except on a college campus.) What she doesn't realize is that producers aren't interested in just her-- they want to see how long her long distance relationship with Corey, a basketball player going to school in florida, will last. Reader's will follow Ally as she navigates the first semester of her Freshman year, all while being followed 24/7 by cameras.

Reality Chick is a fun, flirty, Young Adult novel, peppered with enough pop culture references to satisfy any chick-lit lover. The story centers more around Ally's self-awareness than romance, so chick-lit lovers will leave satisfied. (Just ask Lauren-- She doesn't read straight romance. :-) ) It's light enough to devour over a sitting or two-- and good enough to keep your attention to the last page.

Officially, its not out until Tuesday, but lots of stores are already stocking it. So go check it out, and then tell Lauren what you thought.

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