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Intern(s) needed

Hi All,

I am in need of a new intern (or two) to maintain the query pile, and also likely read some full manuscripts of your choosing. It means managing an email account by screening the queries into folders for my review, and sending the requests/rejections once I’ve reviewed them. It would also entail writing up reader reports on full manuscripts. You will not be required to read full manuscripts that do not resonate with you-- you would simply tell me where you stopped reading and why.

I still personally read ALL of the manuscripts but knowing where you stopped and why helps cut down the time I spend reading, particularly when I'mon the fence.  

I suspect it is about 5-10 hours a week (just a few hours with queries, and the full reading beyond that is at your discretion), but that’s flexible, and if I choose to select two interns, then the time can be split between both of you.

PLEASE NOTE: I represent only middle grade and young adult fiction. Those are the only two genres you will be reading, so a love of those is a must.

Some basics:

  • This is a remote position (it can be done anywhere. Literally. You can live in Zimbabwe.)
  • You can work at any time of the day.
  • It’s okay if you are a writer. It’s okay if you are querying and have queried me or plan to. It's okay if you are agented and/or published. You may want to make sure your agent is comfortable with it.
  • It is an unpaid internship, but I am happy to chat with you about publishing and give basic advice.
  • You may choose to call yourself a 'lit agent intern' on twitter and whatnot, but you will not be able to publically discuss that you are my intern, specifically. This is pretty standard, but i wanted to be upfront.
  • If you already intern for another agency, publisher, I am unable to consider you for this position, simply to avoid any conflicts of interest.
  • If you happen to live in the Seattle-Tacoma area (NOT required) and are interested in working together in my home office for a few hours every other monday, we may discuss this.  You may also be paid in lunch dates. ;-)

Please send an email to:


-Any publishing background (No experience required, but it’s good to know if you do have  some)

-A list of your favorite books (5 or 10 titles).

-Do not attach anything.

-I do not need a full blown resume. Keep it casual and just tell me a bit about yourself and your favorite books. If you WANT to include your resume that is fine, but please paste it below the rest. No need to write a new resume just for me.

I will wait until this weekend to screen the applicants, so the position is “open” until Friday, August 24 at midnight.


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