mandyhubbard (mandyhubbard) wrote,

Five things friday: The Wishlist edition

Five things I'd LOOOOVE To find in the slush pile:

1) Something really super fun and funny. Like a high school comedy movie, but you know, as a book. Like Robin Mellom's debut, DITCHED, which was pitched as The Hangover for teens.

2) A historical with intrigue and romance, a la THE LUXE or THE SEASON or whatnot. Bonus points if it A) has any royalty or titled people in it, and B) is based on a real historical figure. I just read PRISONERS OF THE PALACE, and would love something like it. I also LOVED Alisa Libby's THE KING'S ROSE, based upon King Henry the VIII's fifth wife.

3) A book dealing with Anorexia. Or on the flipside, obesity and a teen struggling to overcome it.

4) A total tearjerker, aka, a "weepie." Think: BEFORE I DIE (Downham)  or SING ME TO SLEEP (Morrison).

5) A suspense or mystery.

5 1/2) (Yes I am cheating) A great middle grade set in the real world, but with some fun magical realism elements.

Remember-- I only represent Middle Grade and Young adult, so all of the above would need to be for those audiences.

Query letters + first five pages pasted into email go to:

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