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Finding the time-- Now, with pictures!

Back before I was published, when I would write one book at a time, take all the time I needed, and then send it to my agent, people asked me: Where do you find the time?

And then I had a kid, and I kept writing. And people asked, Where do you find the time? 

And then I sold a book, and I had deadlines, and still poeple asked,  Where do you find the time?

And then my first book, PRADA & PREUDICE came out and I was doing interviews and blogging and facebooking and all those things I'm supposed to do, and yet I still had to write YOU WISH, and people asked, Where do you find the time?
(Click for larger!)

And then I became a two book per year author. And people asked, Where do you find the time?

And then I became a literary agent. And people asked, Where do you find the time?

Now, here's the thing. Back when I first started writing-- before the kid, the two book per year schedule, the deadlines, the lit agent duties......


Honestly. I dont think there is a person in the world that feels like they have enormous blocks of time just sitting around, waiting to be filled. EVERYONE IS BUSY. If not in reality, at least in your head, you feel REALLY FREAKIN BUSY.

There will always be day jobs and yards to mow and dishes to do and ballet class to shuttle kids to and that college degree you're trying to finish. There will ALWAYS BE THINGS THAT NEED TO BE DONE. But are they MORE important to you than writing? Are you using them as an excuse?

The question is: What is your priority? Is it keeping up with JERSEY SHORE and shopping? Is it getting a square 8 hours of sleep every single night without fail? Is it a sparkling clean house and perfectly ironed clothes?

Or is it following your dream? Is it being a writer, and maybe, an author? When you want it bad enough, you make it happen. That's really all it boils down to. You get up a half hour early. You lug your laptop around and you write on the commuter train and again during lunch. You go over copyedits while stirring that pot of soup and you read your critique partner's notes while your kid watches Dora the Explorer and when she goes to bed, you turn on the computer and get to work.

There are a lot of things I'd like to do. I used to exercise regularly, and lately I keep thinking, "I should join the gym." And then I think, when would I go? If I get up early to go, I won't be as inclined to stay up late, which is what I do pretty regularly in order to get work done. But if I go after the kid goes to bed-- that's my BEST writing time! The only time of the day that is totally uninterrupted.

I make choices. I give up things in order to find the time to write.

But find it, I do. And if writing is a true dream of yours, you'll find it too.

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