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On tweeting queries... A follow up

First, I would like to thank everyone for your candid answers on THIS BLOG POST.

While there is a huge range of often heated emotions, everyone was super respectful-- but also honest, and I appreciate that. 

I guess the most shocking thing of all, for me, is I truly hadn't realized the depth of the emotions some people have on this topic.I had clearly not given nearly enough thought to the topic. And in reflecting upon my past #queries tweets, I began to filter through the comments, my own actions, the behavior of other agents, sites like Slush Pile hell, and my own experience as a writer.

After I announced my change in policy, several people tweeted, emailed, or commented, disapointed that I would change my policy.

And while I understand where they are coming from-- they certainly have plenty of arguments of their own-- it boils down to one thing:

Those #queries tweets  are a reflection of me. As an agent, and as a person. And you know what? The image some people had based on those tweets was not the image I thought I was projecting. It didn't represent the person I am.

I love this job, this industry, and the people in it. Including the writers. I have clients becuase I found them in the slushpile-- just looking for their chance to be heard.

In other words, I have respect for you and your work.  Period. And that comes into question if I "poke fun" at queries, even if it is "all in good fun" or done in what I had thought was a constrcutive, helpful way.

Becuase it's not helpful if I hurt your feelings, or you feel embarassed. It's not helpful to make struggling writers feel worse about themselves.

So, I hope y'all understand where I am at with this, and know that my intentions are good, and I'm heretofore moving out of the "gray area" which has spurned much debate of late.


Sep. 6th, 2010 10:49 pm (UTC)
Thank you for this blog post! I'm nowhere near the point of querying yet but have been reading up on anything and everything to do with the process. It did make me nervous to read sites like slushpile hell and to hear about query excerpts being tweeted. Seems like this has been a hot topic lately, but reading what you've said here about your policy change definitely helps me feel better about sending my query out one day.
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