mandyhubbard (mandyhubbard) wrote,

On tweeting queries... A follow up

First, I would like to thank everyone for your candid answers on THIS BLOG POST.

While there is a huge range of often heated emotions, everyone was super respectful-- but also honest, and I appreciate that. 

I guess the most shocking thing of all, for me, is I truly hadn't realized the depth of the emotions some people have on this topic.I had clearly not given nearly enough thought to the topic. And in reflecting upon my past #queries tweets, I began to filter through the comments, my own actions, the behavior of other agents, sites like Slush Pile hell, and my own experience as a writer.

After I announced my change in policy, several people tweeted, emailed, or commented, disapointed that I would change my policy.

And while I understand where they are coming from-- they certainly have plenty of arguments of their own-- it boils down to one thing:

Those #queries tweets  are a reflection of me. As an agent, and as a person. And you know what? The image some people had based on those tweets was not the image I thought I was projecting. It didn't represent the person I am.

I love this job, this industry, and the people in it. Including the writers. I have clients becuase I found them in the slushpile-- just looking for their chance to be heard.

In other words, I have respect for you and your work.  Period. And that comes into question if I "poke fun" at queries, even if it is "all in good fun" or done in what I had thought was a constrcutive, helpful way.

Becuase it's not helpful if I hurt your feelings, or you feel embarassed. It's not helpful to make struggling writers feel worse about themselves.

So, I hope y'all understand where I am at with this, and know that my intentions are good, and I'm heretofore moving out of the "gray area" which has spurned much debate of late.

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