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The one with all the book reviews... and a CONTEST!

I haven't done a book round up in a while, so here goes:

In TEN THINGS I LOVE ABOUT YOU by Julia Quinn, Annabel is destined to marry a rich dude she can't stand, just to save her family from dire straights. But rich dude's newphew, Sebastian, is far more appealing.

That's really all you need to know about the subject, becuase, COME ON, It's a Julia Quinn regency romance. And you KNOW Julia's witty dialogue reins supreme, and TEN THINGS Is no exception. I actually found myself giggling. A lot. So if you're looking for a classic Julia Quinn WIN, look no further.

I was reading MY DANGEROUS DUKE when my brother came over. I was walking down the hall when he sat down near where I'd placed the book, and I heard him say, "Is my sister reading a trashy romance?"

Uh, yes. If by Trashy you mean, totally HAWT.

I've never read Gaelen Foley before. But Julia Quinn (see above!) calls her "Always Fabulous" so I may have to read her again. Scratch that: WILL read her again.

I LOVED the set-up for this: girl is kidnapped to be given to "the beast" (a hot duke known for being heartless) as a gift. They drug her so she wont put up a fuss, then tell the Duke that she aspires to be a London Mistress (wink wink) so he should teach her a thing or two. I swear the whole plot is well-supported and makes perfect sense, even though this review probably doesn't.

I read the first 50-60 pages in the backseat of a moving, topless jeep, my  hair blowing around me like crazy, just becuase I *HAD* to know if he was going to hit that.

Wow, this is the least professional review ever.

But admit it: You want to know too.

STAY By Allie Larkin is a debut novel, and it's PERFECT for readers looking for a crossover title. If you normally read YA but you're looking for something a little older without it being all, "my grandmother would read this while eating tea and crumpets," STAYis your book. It's about a twenty-something woman who, when the love of her life marries her best friend, kind of accidently orders a dog online. From, like, Russia. And he's well trained, as long as you know all the slovakian commands.

Also: There's a really, really hot veterinarian. One of the most well-rounded, realistic love interests I've seen in a long time. Insted of being the hardass (ahem, see "the beast" above) he's actually... sensitive. But not in that "let's all write poetry way" but in that "OMG I THINK I JUST FELL IN LOVE WITH THIS GUY" kind of way.

DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS by CJ Omololu is a debut YA title. It's about a girl whose mother is a hoarder, and their entire house is filled with junk. She's desperate for friendship and love but just as desperate to hide the truth behind the front door.

And then something unthinkable happens.

And the days that follow will drive Lucy, the MC, to do things she never imagined she'd do. Make choices that seem impossible.

I loved the voice in this one, and even more, i was fascinated by the choices the character made. Would be a good book to read as a group, because I can guarentee you'll want to discuss this with your friends.

Yeah, so maybe I'm an Elizabeth Scott fan. Months ago, I read LIVING DEAD GIRL (far left).
It is brutal, horrifying, and haunting. It's about a girl who was kidnapped years ago from a school field trip, and she's still living with her abductor/abuser. It's difficult to say this is my "favorite" book of all time becuas how can I love something so terrifyingly gritty and real that I can't get it out of my head? But time and time again, I rave about this book, shoving it in the direction of every one I know. I can't stop talking about it. So.. if you haven't read it and you think you can handle something horrifyingly dark and disturbing, check out LIVING DEAD GIRL. 

Also, more recently, I read SOMETHING, MAYBE and was truly impressed by Elizabeth's range. It's a lighter book, but just as much a page-turner, and has a beautiful literary quality, a la Sarah Dessen.

So now I own PERFECT YOU as well as BLOOM and have to decide which one to read next. Any help there, guys? Have you read either of them?

LASTLY: Leave me a  book recommendation in the form of a comment-- title, author, and a 1-3 sentence summary/review, and you'll be entered to win a copy of PRADA & PREJUDICE or AT ANY COST, or if you prefer to wait a few extra weeks, a finished copy of YOU WISH!

And for one bonus entry, feel free to second anyone else's rec's-- I need to buy a few books for my NYC flight and would love some help! :-) 

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