mandyhubbard (mandyhubbard) wrote,

Guest post by Saundra Mitchell

Saundra's paperback of SHADOWED SUMMER came out on June 8th!


I couldn't be more excited about Mandy's next book, YOU WISH. I was
lucky enough to hear about it when it was just an idea, and it's been so
exciting to see an entire book take shape from beginning to end in her
hands. It's such a great idea, too- what would happen if you actually
got all those birthday wishes you made?

In my case, it's probably a good thing that I didn't. I was an odd
child, and depending on the birthday, I wished to fly, to have
telekinesis, to see the future - in short, I never wished for things. I
wished for powers. If I could have slipped between dimensions, or skated
down the coil of time, I would have been a seriously happy camper.

Later wishes were a little darker- I wished to be a vampire, to be the
queen of an ancient, risen army- look, I was goth, and wishing for My
Little Ponies wasn't going to cut it. Maybe a My Little Mare of
Diomedes- who doesn't want a flesh-eating horse of her very own?

Now I'm a Responsible Adult(tm) and my day job is making up stories. In
them, my characters can see the future, talk to the dead, slip
dimensions, skate the coil of time. And I can't promise that one day,
some of them won't have a My Little Mare of Diomedes, or an ancient,
risen army.

Because it turns out that I did get all of my wishes- just not the way I
expected. And isn't that the way wishes always work?

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