mandyhubbard (mandyhubbard) wrote,

Query Workshop Week Starts on MONDAY!

Hey all!

I've decided it would be fun to workshop some queries on the blog. But that means I need a few brave souls to share their query. I will post it (without your name, and with the title removed so it's not so google-able) on my blog, with a full, in depth critque of why the query works-- or doesn't.

Then I'll invite my readers to (gently) critique it as well. I'll post one every day, Monday thru Thursday. Friday we'll wrap it up with a discussion about queries.

If it works, I'm going to do a seperate week for first pages. Not the first page from the queries-- I'll ask for new submissions for the first pages week.

SO! If you are feeling so inclined, please post your query on this blog post as a comment. Make sure to put a line break between paragraphs in case the comment box removes any formatting.

THE COMMENTS ON THIS POST ARE SCREENED. Therefore, no one will see your query on this post but me. I will randomly choose 4 "winners" using a number generator.
Tags: queries, query workshop
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