mandyhubbard (mandyhubbard) wrote,

YOU WISH on Fuse No. 8!

Betsy Bird, the genius behind the blog FUSE #8 (which is part of SLJ's web presence!) , blogged about the upcoming penguin titles HERE.

Of YOU WISH, she says:

In terms of concepts, I rather liked the one behind Mandy Hubbard's You Wish.  A sixteen-year-old girl blows out her birthday candle and thinks, "I wish my birthday wishes actually came true.  Because they never freakin' do."  Next thing she knows, she gets a life size My Little Pony.  Then gumballs.  It becomes increasingly clear that her past wishes are coming true, one by one.  But now she's got to make them stop before everything goes horribly wrong.  It both fun and creepy at the same time.  And Hubbard was the author of Prada and Prejudice too, so already she has a built in fanbase.  Well played, madam.

Yay! Not that i was going for creepy, per se. hehe.

Also, I donated a query/5 page critique to benefit Pennsylvania libraries! Bid HERE.

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