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YOU WISH Mega-Contest Winners!!

Yay! You guys are amazing. When I promsied 20 prizes, I thought to myself, "So basically, everyone who enters gets a prize, and I'll have fourteen left over."

Thank you so much for your support of my book. There will be more contests to come, contests which include bonus entries if your widget is still up and active. 

And now to get to the part you actually care about:

MEGA WINNER: Prize includes a signed YOU WISH arc, a signed copy of Prada and Prejudice, and a mystery prize bucket filled with YOU WISH inspired swag—a ken doll? A My Little Pony? Some gumballs?


Survey says:

WOLFGIRL145!!--- Shipped 5/3/10


Winners of an autographed copy of PRADA & PREJUDICE:


1. Shipped 5/3/10

2. Pixie / - Shipped 5/3/10

3.  Shipped 5/3/10


A signed copy of AT ANY COST

1. Shipped 5/3/10

2. Shipped 5/3/10

3. Shipped 5/3/10


Mystery goodies inspired by the book (including, but not limited to: coloring books, stickers, candy, etc):

1. MaggieWrites-- Shipped 5/3/10

2. LilPlaidDress-- Shipped 5/3/10

3. Thatwemightfly (Cass)-- Shipped 5/3/10

4. Shanny-- Shipped 5/3/10

5. Shipped 5/3/10

6. YAvampirebooks

7. donnas1 --Shipped 5/3/10

8. lynseynewton

9. breaksdownslowly-- Shipped 5/3/10

10. Lizzy/Cornucopia Reviws --Shipped 5/3/10




Query Critique




3. pugsnfishes (completed)


20 Minute Phone call to chat about anything writing/agent/book related:


Magan Vee

If you are one of the winners, please email me at: amandayawriter (AT) yahoo (DOT) com.

For the general prizes, make sure you remember to include your address so that I can mail you your prize. It is my intention to mail all prizes by April 30.

For the writer prizes, just shoot me an email so we can connect and get rolling! :-)



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