mandyhubbard (mandyhubbard) wrote,

YOU WISH mega contest!

To promote YOU WISH, I am doing a MEGA CONTEST!! (Insert booming voice here.)

Here's the deal. To enter, you put the YOU WISH banner (more about that below) in your blog's side bar, and COMMENT HERE with a link to where I can see it.

Happily, it works whether you have an LJ or a blogspot, blogger, word press, etc. And I'm giving you an easy, cut & paste code!

It MUST be in a permanent location and stay there until August 31, 2010.


Grand Prize:
Signed ARC of YOU WISH, Signed copy of PRADA & PREJUDICE, and a swag bag filled with stuff inspired by the book. Gumballs? An actual MY LITTLE PONY? A ken doll? You'll just have to win to find out!

Runner Up Prizes:
Signed copy of Prada & Prejudice (3!)
Miscellaneous My Little Pony swag-- coloring books, picture books, rings, actual toy, stickers, etc.
Post Cards or bookmarks

Additional Runner up prizes for writers: 
"Pick Mandy's Brain" phone call-- for writers, chat with me on the phone for 20 minutes.... ask me anything you want-- about queries, drafting, revisions, submissions, etc. Confused by all the rejections you're getting? Let's talk about it!

Query Letter critique

There WILL be at least 20 prizes so your chances of winning something awesome are pretty high. 

The Banner, as it will appear in your sidebar:


COPY EVERYTHING IN RED, then paste it in your blog sidebar:
<a href=""><img height="244" alt="" width="124" border="0" src="" /></a> <br /><br />

The Rules:

*You need to have an active blog with actual content
*The widget must be posted on your blog until August 31, 2010
*Winners will be chosen on April 16, so you have two weeks to post the banner and comment here with the link.
*IF YOU ARE A WRITER, please include that information in your comment/entry, so I make sure to include you in the special writer's prize pool.
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