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Stupid Prada Summer Van Tour: Day 5,, Oregon

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Whew. The last two days have been very, very sketchy. Like, 28 DAYS LATER SKETCHY. As we entered Oregon at around 3:48 this morning, I was glancing at the map, and lo and behold, i saw how close we were to George, Washington. A few hours, really. I pointed it out to Rhonda.

And that was when the lightbulb went on. The real one, inside the van, because Rhonda had flung open the door on the freeway and was going to leap out. The three of us finally realized: we could have organized our trip better. I mean, check out this map:

See how close #2 and #5 are? I mean, I know it's hard to see, but if you look really close can you tell how the whole tour criss-crosses America? We could have totally done them in GEORGRAPHIC ORDER. Amazing, right? I totally GET why people hire travel agents now!

So anyway, Rhonda has been wallowing ever since, becuase she has to drive next. She's a real pouter.

But don't worry Rhonda! I found this guy on the side of the freeway while you were sleeping and he's going to drive for the next leg!!

He keeps talking about the rules of fight club and it's TOTALLY ANOYING, so there's no guarentee I won't toss him out the door soon, but at least I have a back up plan, right? And he's wearing a tie, so that means he's legit and not a serial killer.Hopefully he proves more reliable than the monkeys and Paolo.

So, anwyay, onto the stop in, Oregon.

As you can see, Saundra is off by herself. Rhonda and I are still mad at her because she kept bragging about how her ghosts would kick cupids ass, and when I came to Rhonda's defense, Saundra punched me in the nose. Totally uncalled for. Don't you see that smug little look she's giving you guys? You're next. Just sayin. Beware o' Saundra.

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