mandyhubbard (mandyhubbard) wrote,

My blog is (S)Lacking

Oy. It seems that I have slowly transitioned into twitter for updates. I iz sorry, dear bloggers!

So here is my catchup:

A) Don't forget! I have a critique of a full  proposal up for grabs! Details here.

B) I am about ready to ship off DRIVEN to my harlequin editor. SQUEE!

C) My 2010 YA is coming along-- I'm at around 25,000 words now. Even more exciting? I sent some preliminary cover ideas over to my editor last week. The top image I captioned with, "I'm pretty much in love with this, it's perfect." And in a moment of serendipity, It turns out that was the VERY image my editor had just talked about with the designer! I'm very hopeful that they come up with something really amazing and exciting.

D) I'm a bestseller! Well, sort-of. Elliott Bay Books, a huge indie near my office, has named Prada and Prejudice the #20 bestselling title storewide, and the #3 bestselling for the children's department. I think my amazing coworkers have something to do with that. ;-) Thanks guys!!
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