July 7th, 2011


In Which Mandy Stands up and Cheers

First off, go congratulate Saundra Mitchell, who's new book deal just went up in PM! yay!!

Secondly, y'all know I love me a good inspirational tale of a writer who stuck to it, kept writing despite rejections, and eventually breaks through. So, I have to send you over to Natalie Whipple's blog-- first, read her blog entry from December 2010, entitled "What to do when it IS you." I didn't know Natalie at the time-- I had just seen her blog post being tweeted over, and over, and over. So I finally went to go read it, and was struck by the similarities between Natalie's journey and my own-- she was just a year or two behind me. She'd revised for editors, been rejected, rewritten a project for her agent, etc, etc.

I knew when I read it she'd break through... becuase like me, she refused to quit, and she was doing everything right.  It's just that... like me.... her road to publication was more like the Oregon Trail than an expressway.

Well, I couldn't be happier about a blog post she wrote today-- announcing her sale.

Head on over and congratulate a writer who truly deserves it. :-)

And in case you missed it back in the day, I went and unlocked the friends-only entries where I essentially blogged my rejection and dejection in real time. You can read those entries HERE. (Read them from the end to the beginning to see them chronologically. )