June 28th, 2011


Thinking... About Thinking....

So, most of you guys know I'm part of this fun test drive thing with a Chevy Equinox called The Chevy Girls. They told us all to plan on driving around 1400 miles, and if we needed more to let them know. They gave me this shiny new car and sent me off on my way:

1400 miles in 28 days sounds like a lot.  I guess I spend way more time in my car than I thought, because I hit 1400 miles last weekend!

The thing about driving, though... is that it's where I do my thinking. I'm not sure if its the music, the fresh air, the ability to let your mind completely wander.... but I have thought up more plot twists and character arcs while driving than anything else.

My friend Kristin Halbrook is a writer and named her blog "Long Distance Drive" for that exact same reason.

If your blog was named after the place where you did YOUR thinking, what would it be called?