June 7th, 2011


In Which Mandy asks OnStar to find Edward Cullen...

So, for the month of June, the Northwest Chevy Dealers asked me test drive a Chevy Equinox, with the vague idea of me blogging, tweeting, and Vlogging about it, as part of Chevy's GIRLS ON THE GO program. They told me to have fun and be goofy, and let's be honest, they must not know me that well, becuase goofy is all I do. Life's too short to be serious and NOT bust out in spontaneous dance moves.

We picked up the keys at a radio station last week, and one of the dealers, from Puyallup Chevrolet, was there recording the whole event.

Check out yours truly at about 4 minutes in:

So, yeah. I warned you. Goofy. But I could tell already, this month was going to be fun. The car (ahem, Crossover!) is kinda adorable:

When I picked up my daughter at day care that day, she was very confused. Then all she wanted was to sit in the car and push buttons all afternoon.

So, back to the inherent dorkiness. For my first mission, I decided to test out the OnStar, in the hopes it would lead me to a den of Sparkly Vampires. Here's the result:

In Which Mandy uses Onstar to find Edward Cullen from NW Chevy Girls on Vimeo.

Man I can't wait to see what other ridiculous things I can do this month. I'll be tweeting with the #chevygirls hashtag, or you can follow the other girls as well by checking out NW CHEVY on facebook.

More soon!