May 19th, 2011


In Which Mandy fails... at iClue

So... remember that little thing called iClue that I was participating in? "Participating" turned out to be... well.... yeah.

My clues were supposed to go up while I was in NYC on my jam-packed trip, and my wifi didn't work... and i FAILED YOU ALL.

Ahem. Sorry for that. I apologize if I confused y'all.

Since you didn't get my actual clue, and because these very talented ladies buzzed MY book while promoting iClue, I'm doing a bonus giveaway... of ALL SIX books seen above. I'll order them right on and have them shipped direct to your house.

All you have to do is:

A) Leave a comment and you're entered.

B) Leave a link to anywhere you've reviewed or buzzed one of these books, and you get a bonus entry.

C) If you hosted an iClue banner on your blog throughout the Epic iClue Extravaganza, comment a third time with a link to where it is, and you get a third chance to win.

Good luck!

This giveway is open to the US and anywhere Book Depository ships. (which is where I'll order if you're international.). Since iClue officially ends on Sunday, so does this giveaway.
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