March 24th, 2011


Kids books-- by the numbers

Publishers Weekly just posted its article about what's selling in YA, and I always find it fascinating. They included Ebooks, too.

The data is provided by the publishers, and covers the calendar year of 2010. Although I don't know for certain, i suspect these numbers are books shipped to stores ("sold" to stores) not to consumers.

A snippet of the info:

11 Hardcovers sold over 1MIL copies (Jeff Kinney, Stephenie Meyer, Rick Riorda Suzanne Collins, and Kristin/PC Cast walk away as the big winners).

Some of the same authors topped the 1MIL copies for paperback.

The highest selling ebook was BREAKING DAWN, with 145K copies.

CRESCENDO by Becca Fitzpatrick sold over 10,000 ebooks. (HUSH, HUSH, the first in the series, sold over 16K ebooks)
SHILOH, one of my favorite books from my childhood, sold 125,000 paperback copies. Not too shabby, considering it first pubbed in 1992.  (HATCHET, another of my favorites, sold over 180K paperback copies)
IF I STAY by Gayle Forman sold just over 200K hardcover copies
THIRTEEN REASONS WHY, published in 2007, sold 127K+ hardcover copies
REVOLUTION by Jennifer Donnelly (one of my favorite recent reads) just topped 100K hardcover copies

Interesting stuff!