March 18th, 2011

Friday 5

1) I am going to be at two conferences in April-- the first, April 1-3, Whidbey Island Writers, and the second, April 16, is the Cenatral Ohio SCBWI. I hope to meet some of you folks at one of these! I believe they are both still open for registration, and tons of great editors/agents will be at each event.

2) Last night I opened up a blank word document and started work on my 2012 Razorbill book. A blank document is so intimidating! But I managed 2500 words, and its going to be such a fun story.

3)I have about 23 full manuscripts to read right now, but there are so many good ones in the stack! It's so nice to have a kindle just packed with possibility. Since I cleared out my query log a few weeks ago and have been reading like crazy, I've signed two new clients. Wave hello to Elizabeth and Cate!

4) BUT I LOVE HIM, my book written as Amanda Grace, comes out in 8 weeks-- May 8, to be exact. And RIPPLE comes out four months from Monday-- July 21!

5) I'm not sure why it took me so long, but I just read and LOVED cynthialord 's RULES. I think I burst into tears at the "running" scene.
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