February 18th, 2011


Friday 5-- LOLCATS version.

1) I had to do RIPPLE copyedits in 5 days, and there were 550 comment bubbles, and so I holed up in my office. Whenver Hubbs and Kiddo came in, I think I looked like this:
Funny Pictures - Creepy Llama Gifs 

Seriously. I cannot stop staring at the creepy llama.

BUT! RIPPLE has made it through copyedits, and the file has been sent off to become an ARC! Woo! 

2) I am working on my TOPSEKRET2012 book. It is due on March 1. I am reaching the end of the road and worn out from deadline after deadline, so this is what is going to happen at the end. Sorry for the spoiler...

Funny Pictures - Surprise Giraffe

Brilliant, right??

3) I am going to be at the Sumner, Washington Library with Holly Cupola, Kim Derting, Lisa Schroeder, and Dia Calhoun on Saturday, February 26th! We're doing a free panel/talk from 2-4. Come visit us! Ask questions! Buy autographed books!

4) My oldest queries are from prior to January 25th. Once the aforementioned giraffe novel is finished, I'm playing catchup! Promise! 

5) My May title, BUT I LOVE HIM, has a book trailer!

Happy Friday, everyone!