October 12th, 2010


Revising RIPPLE..... In Pictures

Here's some random pictorial evidence that revising isn't really that fun.

The Editorial Letter of Doom:

At the library on a rainy Monday night:

In the Home office on a Sunday. While the Fam is off grocery shopping. Note the Prada & Prejudice poster behind me.

7AM. On the laptop, on a train. Becuase you FIND THE TIME, damn it.

Saturday evening. Light at the end of the tunnel, because i've printed it. So I hope i'm close.

Huh. Doesn't look like I'm really that close.

10 pm on a thursday. About to fall asleep.

The last weekend before deadline. Not feeling it. Too sunny outside to work. But work I do.

Huh. More work to do. When is this thing due again?

I'm in the kitchen. Becuase I am trying to cook dinner and revise at the same time.

Yeah.... Can you tell that sometimes it is 7am?  And sometimes it is 10pm?  And sometimes it doesn't matter what time it is becuase damn it, this book is due?