October 5th, 2010


Teaser Tuesday--- RIPPLE

Today's Teaser comes from RIPPLE-- the story of a siren who accidently killed the only boy she's ever loved--and the new boy who comes to town and proves impossible to resist, despite the life or death consequences....

Coming in Hardcover July 21, 2011!

I’m resting my head in my hands when I hear the chair beside me creak with the weight of another student. It must be the last available chair, or else no one would sit in it.

“You don’t look so good,” he says, his voice unfamiliar but pleasant.

Pleasant. I haven’t heard that tone directed toward me in a while. I pull my head away from my hands and turn to glare at him, but when our eyes meet, all I can do is stare, my breath caught in my throat.

Him. The reason I feel like utter crap.

His eyes are a startling, bright shade of hazel. Last night they appeared dark, but today they’re full of light, browns and greens swirling together like a painter dipped his brush in both colors and spun it around in a circle on canvas. It reminds me of the trees when I am underwater, their brown and green outline just a shimmery mass beyond the surface. His deep brown hair isn’t quite as shaggy as it was last night—he seems to have gelled or hair-sprayed it into submission.

I like it more when it’s wild.


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