April 12th, 2010


Western Washington SCBWI

Where to begin, where to begin?

I spent last weekend at the Western Washington SCBWI conference, and it was quite literally the most fun I've had since last year's NYC trip! 

To kick things off, Suzanne Young and I got together with Jay Asher, for a full on Razorbill author's moment of awesome.

Jay and I swapped books for autographs. Which means my career is now complete:

Later, we went to Kidlt drinks night..... which was a little too much fun. ;-)

In the morning, the official conference kicked off, with a key note by Laini Taylor that was made of awesome. I sat with my roomies, Tara (divawriter ) and Shannon (shannywriter ) and mindiscott . Later that day, Jay gave his totally inspiring keynote.


That evening, I had the chance to finally meet Elizabeth Law of Egmont, better known as Egmontgal on Twitter, as well as hang out with some other totally awesome agents (Michael Bourret!) and editors (Jordan Brown)


Saturday ended up being a laaaate night at the hotel bar, but much fun was had. Luckily, pictoral proof is NOT to be had. ;-)

On Sunday I managed to snag the most delicious cupcake on earth: 

It was a glorious (and tiring!) weekend.