December 30th, 2009


Shattered revisions, or, the things Mandy mumbles to herself

So, the biggest challenge for me in SHATTERED revisions was actually something that seemed simple: date the chapters.

See, there are no chapter numbers in the whole book. Just labels of how long Ann has been with Connor-- and the time gets shorter, of course, not longer, becuase it's told in reverse chronological order. So the first chapter says "One Year" and the nedt "Eleven months, fifteen days" and after that "Eleven Months, two days", etc.

My editor suggested I keep it like that, but also add tags like "August 26".

Sounds oh-so-simple, right? The process went something like this.

"This shouldn't be hard."

"Oh wait, this might kind of suck."

"No wait! I figured it out. Yay!"

"Oh, wait. Um, she can't graduate on July 24th. School is supposed to be over in June. I'll just change that date."

"Whew, much better."

"Oh, wait, now I screwed up the rest of the timeline."

"Ahh, that's better."

"Oh, crap. Her birthday falls on christmas."

"Oh, hey, look, her best friend's birthday is the day after mine!"

"Hm. Track & Field would not be in January. Must fix that."

So, yeah, it probably took me three hours to figure out how to make it all come together, but YAY! I am DONE! All I have left is a quick read thru. *Whew*.