December 27th, 2009


2009 Goal Check-in / Recap

It's that time of year! Time to look back on 2009. I just looked up the goals I posted last January:


1)Meet all deadlines!  Whew. The deadlines definitely ended up being more intense than I  had expected, but I kept up!
2) Complete Book 2 for razorbill (including all edits)  Yay! At the time I made the goal, I didn't even know what the book would be. It's now known as YOU WISH-- coming August 5, 2010!
3) Complete my nascar harlequin book  CHECK!
4) Increase online presence-- host at least 3 contests, increase facebook activity.  Check!
5) Guest Blog or interview on at least a dozen blogs.  Check!
6) Complete a totally fresh book to be shopped in 2010, possibly as my option book.  Check! My agent should be sending it over in a couple more weeks....
7) See SHATTERED shopped. Revise if neccessary.  Check! Not only was it shopped, but it sold to Flux as part of a two book deal. And yes, on the pen name: Amanda Grace.
8) Hold a book launch for Prada & Prejudice.  Check! It was lots of fun, too!


1) Sell in another foreign country  Check! P&P will soon be available in Indonesia and Spain (in addition to France)
2) See Prada go into its second printing.  Check!  P&P is now in its 5th printing.
3) Sell SHATTERED, likely under a psuedonym  Check!! WOOT!
4) Sell option book to Razorbill  Hopefully I'll have more on this in a month or two! I've done my part!
5) Win every award ever invented.   Hmm. Looks like that one is a doozy.


I do love goals, and I was really amazed at the fact that I could actually cross off so many of them. 2009 has been a really, truly incredible year for me, and I can only hope 2010 is just as eventful! My goals for 2010 will be posted soon!