December 18th, 2009



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OMG you guys. You have NO IDEA what has happened this week. I was supposed to post on Wednesday, but the van tour got a weeee bit out of control. See, we arrived in Wilkesbarre, Pennsyvlvania, right on time.
Evidenced by this awesome picture:
Saundra and Rhonda were not that excited about the big cow picture. But HELLO, I grew up on a dairy, and where ther'es a cow, there's a photographic opportunity. So they sucked it up and we took the picture. Then we set up our signing table, right under the cow's udder, and waited for book buyers. Then all hell broke loose. 

See, no one bought Saundra's book, and she totally pulled a Mariah-Carey EPIC melt down. She shimmied up the cow's leg and sat right on the left ear, and refused to move until someone bought her book. Me and Rhonda tried to give some random mailman the money to buy it, but he just took the cash and ran.

By the time someone finally purchased it, we were way behind schedule, so  we started drviing like maniacs to get to the next pitstop. We only stopped once, for gas, and Rhonda was supposed to watch the van, but she totally WENT TO THE BATHROOM INSTEAD.

By the time i was walking out the gas station, this random family TOTALLY STOLE OUR VAN. I managed to snap a picture of it:

(Click for larger. HAVE YOU SEEN THESE THIEVES??)
So, we basically thought the tour was going to end right there. Our epic cross-country tour would have ended one stop short. Tragedy, people. Real Tragedy.  Just as we were getting ready to call it all off, we heard the chop-chop-chop sound of a helicopter. ANDOMG do you know who arrived to save the day??

FIGHT CLUB GUY!!  Thankfully, we're going to make it to our final pitstop. Check it out later today on Rhonda's Blog!

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