December 11th, 2009


It's Agent Day!

Today is Agent Day! Yay!! I was pretty excited about this, becuase truthfully, I don't think I could ever tell my agent enough how much I <3 her.

Zoe F. Shacham, of Nancy Yost Literary, is my agent. Also, FYI, her name rhymes with Moe and not Joey. It totally threw me off on our second phone call, when she introduced herself and I realized I was running around calling her Zoey.

Do you see how adorable she is?

She's very trendy, too, total New Yorker. She's also an author, and her debut is coming in March:

I have not read this yet, FYI. Totally unfair. I mean, I let *HER* read all *MY* work before it gets published!

Now, most of you know by now that my road to publication with PRADA & PREJUDICE was not overnight. It took months, and it took revision after revision. And I don't think I could have done it without Zoe! Her support was unwavering, and she read draft after draft, sent it to editor after editor.

And what I like about her best is she is so supportive and enthusiastic. There were times I was *SO* frustrated and all t took was a phone call with her to reorganize my thoughts and get me thinking positively and looking ahead. Every time she sent a rejection, she'd end the email talking about the next editor she could send it to. It prevented me from dwelling on bad news. Her positive, upbeat personality is exactly what I need in an agent.

Also? I've got to be one of the most annoying clients on earth (becuase I want to know EVERYTHING), but she never says that, so that's pretty awesome too. :-)

She's honest with me, even when it means telling me a project isn't up to snuff, but she also values my input and listens when I feel strongly about something. She's sweet as can be but a shark in negotiations.

Okay, enough rambly. Suffice it to say, I hope we share another three years together-- this time with less rejection! :-)

P.S. The idea of Agent Appreciation Day came from Kody Keplinger – check out her blog here . And if you want to read more agent appreciation stories, go here.
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