November 10th, 2009


I'm a victim of deadline-ositis

I was just joking with someone that I’ve had a deadline or two looming over me since May or June. And then the laughter dried up when I stopped and realized, uh, that wasn’t a joke. From June 8th  until this very moment, I’ve had almost ZERO time free of deadlines. There were those glorious four days between October 1 and October 5th. And then there was those twenty-six minutes on October 22nd.


And now, before I even turned in YW, I’ve got a SHATTERED revision letter in hand.


So while it can be overwhelming (and I think I might have to look up the definition of “free time” in Websters, because I don’t remember what it is), I am so proud and thankful for the opportunity to even HAVE deadlines. 18 months ago, I would have killed for deadlines.


Here’s what my year has looked like so far—I’ve worked on some non-contracted stuff here and there (Mostly RIPPLE and adding/fleshing ideas on my master idea list)-- but these are the official projects.


March 6th: Receive “bible” that details my NASCAR book (characters, conflict, and continuity elements that I must incorporate). Need to write full synopsis and first chapter.

April 1st: Turn in DRIVEN proposal

April 22: Receive revision notes from my editor on DRIVEN proposal. Due back by May 22

May 18: Turn in revised proposal

June 8: Receive notes on proposal from NASCAR, to incorporate while writing the full Novella (30K), which is due September 1.

June 24th: Receive the greenlight on my book 2, YOU WISH, for Razorbill. Discuss it in depth with my editor, and am instructed to write the full and turn it in by October 1.

July & August: Divide my time between writing DRIVEN and YOU WISH and trying to promote PRADA & PREJUDICE. Minimum weekly word count: 8,000 words+.

September 1: Turn in full novella of DRIVEN to Harlequin, then continue working on  YOU WISH.

October 1: Turned in Full book (60K) of YOU WISH to Razorbill

October 5: Receive DRIVEN revisions from Harlequin

October 22, 1:01 PM: Turn in DRIVEN revisions to Harlequin.

October 22, 1:27PM: Receive YW revisions from Razorbill (Due November 19th).

November 10: Receive SHATTERED revisions (Due, happily, March 1 2010).

November 19: (next week!) turn in YOU WISH to Razorbill.


Good thing revisions come one at a time. The list like this looks really overwhelming.