November 3rd, 2009


Mini Shattered Teaser

It's Teaser Tuesday! Here's a short teaser from SHATTERED, my Flux book that will be written under Amanda Grace. I believe its a 2011 book. It's about a 17 year old girl's year spent with an abusive boyfriend, told in reverse chronological order.


Even with all the things he’d told me about his father, I’d never actually seen the monster. He existed in stories conjured up by Connor. He was a mythical thing, the villain in a twisted fairy tale.

I know right now, as I watch the flames dance and lick at that pretty white lattice, that I never fully understood it. I never really believed it.

I do now. It is real. And all of Connor’s stories have come to life. My doubt is gone.

His father has lost his mind. His mom is sobbing, curled in a ball in the middle of their front lawn. I am glad they live in the country, where people can’t see this from the street. Otherwise I think we might all be arrested.

“I paid for this and I can tear it down!” He rips another piece of lattice off the porch. It cracks and splinters and pieces of it shower down on the flower beds. Nancy’s pot of roses falls too, shattering on the cement walkway. It is just another thing he will take from her and never apologize for.

The splintered lattice goes on the roaring pile with the rest of it. The flames grow, ever skyward, gobbling everything he gives it.

Connor and I are at the edge of the yard, hidden in the shadows of the big oak tree. Jack knows we are there but he’s so lost in his own fury I think he may have forgotten. I want to grab Nancy and pull her into the shadows with us, but she is so close to him. She is begging him to stop. I don’t know how she can do that; I am afraid of him. 

He seems bigger today: taller, thicker and stronger. There’s something almost inhuman about him.

He has to be drunk, though he’s not stumbling. A sober person wouldn’t burn down their own front porch. A porch he just built a month ago. Nancy spent a whole weekend painting it, and they sat on it in lawn chairs and admired their work.

And now it is in shambles.