November 2nd, 2009


ATTENTION FICTIONPRESS PEOPLE! (and anyone else on the journey to publication)

So, for the last few weeks, I've been coordinating with [info]sjmaas, lazy_iris,  and [info]seeyouupside , among others, for a whole new site.

See, the group of us all started, once upon a time, at It's a website that hosts millions of original works of ficiton and poetry.

I became a writer in 2003 solely becuase of this site. When I found it, I intended to only read the fiction, never to write it. But after several weeks of reading, I began to get the itch to contribute something of my own. So I started a piece called "WHAT WOULD YOU CHANGE?" which was loosely based on my first ever boyfriend as well as a Garth Brooks song. HA.

It was terrible. It really was. But thanks to the site, I continued to learn and grow as a writer, and knowing there were readers waiting for my next chapter, it kept me motivated. It saddens me that I can't continue to post over there (becuase I can't give away my books for free if I want them to be sold for actual money to traditional publishers), but I have wanted to continue with the sense of community from that site.

So now, I've partnered up with a handful of other FPers who are also hoping to  leap from Fictionpress to Publish-Land.

Visit our brand new blog, where we'll be chronicleing our journeys. Some of us are writing first drafts, some are querying agents, and others are agented and on submissions to publishers. We hope that by having such a great and broad range of experiences, you'll idenitfy with the advice and trials of our contributors.

I posted the first entry today, and it's about my very favorite subject: THE CALL.