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September 11th, 2009

Deb Books

So, as it turns out, I am a major space cadet. I forgot to tell you all about the awesomesauce books that have come out lately from the Debs!

So let's start off with my imprint-mate, Jennifer Jabaley, and her book, LIPSTICK APOLOGY:

Lipstick apology is about a girl named Emily who is throwing a party while her parents are away. But when they turn on the news, they see that her parents plane has gone down, and there's almost nothing left of the wreckage-- except a tray table with four little words written in lipstick: Emily, please forgive me. What is her mom apologizing for? If you're like me, you'll tear through the pages to find out. This one is clever and funny but also heartbreaking and poignant. So what are you waiting for? It debuted in trade paperback, so its a steal at under $10.

Next up is Megan Frazer's debut, SECRETS OF TRUTH AND BEAUTY:

This one has a super duper interseting main character. First, becuase she's overweigth, which is unusual enough, but it gets better when you discover that the girl used to be perfect-- so much so that she won a major beauty pageant!

Aren't you just dying to know how she ended up on a goat farm inthe middle of nowhere?

Lastly, Jackson Pearce, and AS YOU WISH:

 AS YOU WISH is on my TBR list. Not just becuase the title is similar to my 2010 book, YOU WISH, but because, HELLO, don't you want to know why that girl is biting her lip? Jackson is hilarious in her youtube videos so I have to believe this one isn't just romantic, but it has its funny moments too.

Another interesting cover change

Hmm. My publisher, razorbill, seems to have swapped out the original cover of Betrayals for an entirely different one.

This is the second book in the new Strange Angels series.

This is the first book, if you're not familiar with it:

And these are the two versions of Betrayals. Original on the left, new one on the right:

I think the one on the left encompasses the brand better, but the one on the right is more likely to pop out on the shelves. Which do you prefer?
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The Latest News:

New Deal: Imogen Howson's LINKED sells to S&S BFYR, in a two book pre-empt for six figures.

You Wish is in its Fifth Printing! and Prada and Prejudice is in its Sixth Printing!

New deal: Jessica Martinez' VIRTUOSITY sells to Simon Pulse, at Auction, in a 2 book deal.




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