July 10th, 2009


Friday Five

1) I have been a busy writer girl this week. I completed the outline for Summer 2010 YA, and have 7500 words written of the manuscript. It is going well. I think.

2) Also working simultaneously on my NASCAR fic. I did the math and discovered between the two, I must write 8,000 words every single week. Um, no pressure. ha.

3)I am still over the moon excited about the TIME magazine thing. I actually keep looking at it thinking that there is someway I am mistaken.

4)I also have a 1 page article in THE WRITER magazine (page 14!) for those who want to read it. It's my advice on doing everything you can to be published-- and such advice includes: Know as much about the business as you do the craft.

5)I am getting excited about going to New York in Two weeks!! EEE!! There's a very good possibility I'll take part in a giant YA signing on Saturday, July 25th, so if you're a new yorker, keep that afternoon open-- there may be 10 of us hanging out and signing. :-)