June 29th, 2009


Publisher's Weekly Review

YAY!! It's REAL! I was a little worried it was a rather lame joke when I saw a publisher's weekly review on a library website... but it went live on Publisher's Weekly's website this morning!

Prada and Prejudice Mandy Hubbard. Penguin/Razorbill, $8.99 paper (256p) ISBN 978-1-59514-260-3

Readers don't need to be Jane Austen fans to appreciate Hubbard's debut, a time-bending tale with some Pride and Prejudice elements. Awkward, plain-Jane teenager Callie is on a school trip abroad when she spies a pair of “totally classic” Prada shoes in a shop window and buys them on impulse, hoping to impress more popular girls on the trip. Unfortunately, moments after trying the shoes on, she trips, falls and blacks out. The next thing Callie knows, she is in 19th-century England, where she is mistaken for a duke's childhood friend arriving for an extended visit. With nowhere else to go, Callie stays at the duke's castle, and during the next four weeks, she becomes good friends with the duke's cousin, develops a love/hate relationship with the duke and shocks nearly everyone in the castle with her feminist ideology and numerous faux pas (“You could have heard a pin drop when I asked if they had ketchup,” she says). Part comedy of manners, part romantic fantasy, this fast-reading, playful novel takes the idea of feeling out of place to a hilarious extreme. Ages 12–up. (June)

I am SO thrilled that it got such a great review!! *Happy Dance*
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Cover Story (and Project 17 covers..)

If anyone is curious about the evolution of the cover for Prada and Prejudice, I did a cover story with Melissa Walker Here

Now, on to another cover feature.... While out visiting Prada & Prejudice on release day, I saw the paperback cover for Project 17. I have to admit, I kind of crinkled my nose. The hardback cover is by far my favorite-- more creepy, and it captures the atmosphere of the book better.

What do you think? Hardback cover is on the left, the new paperback cover is on the right.



If you're wondering, its about a group of teens who sneak into an old asylum (the birthplace of the lobotamy) before it gets torn down. It's very creepy!


YAY! Summer 2010 is going to be awesome... .

I had a phone call with my editor this afternoon. I <3 her. She is a genius.

Anyway, we have agreed upon my Summer 2010 book (the second book in my two book deal) and I am raring to get writing!! 

Sadly, I can't share any details about it yet. It's Super Seeekret. I shall announce it all as soon as I am given clearance. So you KNOW you want to keep an eye on my blog, right?

Until then, you just get this teeny tiny hint....

There will be a life-sized My Little Pony.

Now, to get to work! :-)