June 21st, 2009


Book Launch Party Recap!

So, Friday turned out to be completely and totally amazing. It was a two hour whirlwind of signing book after book.

First up, the shoe report: plaid peep-toe sandals.

I picked up the cupcakes and put the little high heel toppers on them, which I think turned out cute! 

One of the first people to stop by was my Cousin Shaye (left) and her friend Kaysha (right), who also happens to be a writer. How cute are they?

I also got to hang out with Mindi Scott (SImon & Schuster author), Denise Jaden (Also an S&S author) and Kim Derting (Harper Collins author.) It is just so freaking fun to hang out with other authors!

We sold out of the forty books we had on hand, and several more orders were placed. It was amazing and fun and exciting! I wish I could redo it at least once per week. :-)