May 27th, 2009


I am a nerd

Me, on the phone, during lunch:

*Calls the local BIG CHAIN BOOKSTORE.*
Bookstore: How can I help you?
Me: Hi, there is a book coming out in a couple weeks that I am wanting to pick up, can you tell me if you are going to stock it?
Bookstore: Sure, what's the title?
Me: Prada & Prejudice
Bookstore: PRADA & Prejudice?
Me: Yeah.
Bookstore. Cute! Hmmm... let me see... yep! We're getting five copies.
Me: Cool! (way too excited for a customer. ha.)
Bookstore: What's your name? I can put your name on a copy to be sure you get one.
Me: *thinking: GAH!! I am about to be caught as THE AUTHOR STALKING HER BOOK* Erm, that's okay! I'll just swing by after it comes out.
Bookstore: Okay! thanks!

So YAY, my local chain store is going to stalk Prada! And I didnt even have to beg or cajole. Sometimes this whole author thing is just too cool for words.