May 21st, 2009


Prada & Prejudice.... a prize for the first sighting!

Okay people. There are only 20 days to go! In order to enlist help in stalking my book, I give you the simplest contest ever.

Be the first person to snap a picture of Prada & Prejudice in a real-live store and email it to me [I'm at amandayawriter(at)yahoo(dot)com] and I'll purchase any one of the deb's books for you.

You can even pre-order it at your local bookstore and just snap the pic when you go pick it up! (Most stores call as soon as it arrives...) 

Be the first person to snap a picture of Prada & Prejudice in a library, and I'll send you a random YA book from my personal bookshelves, along with a surprise bonus gift.

Simple, right?

The Fine Print: You can only win one or the other prize, not both. Booksellers can enter the library one, and librarians can enter the bookstore contest, but not vice versa. Otherwise y'all will just snap it the second it arrives, and that's not fair. :-).

PS: Don't forget-- Books often show up in stores early! Start stalking your local shelves soon!  And don't be afraid to ask your local booksellers or librarians if they plan to carry it.... every reccomendation helps!