May 18th, 2009


Taylor Swift

Once upon a time, I was watching CMT, when I saw this video:


It's by Taylor Swift, one of my favorite artists, and it has an identical plot line to PRADA & PREJUDICE. Blonde high school girl ends up back in time, wears gorgeous dresses, dances choreographed dances with a maddeningly handsome guy with dark hair, tall leather boots, intense eyes, white cravat, etc. 

Ever since I saw that video, I've pondered how to share my book with Taylor. It seems only fair-- she gave me a video of my book, so I should give her a book of her video.  Of course, she's a mega-star, and I'm just a debut author.

When I scored tickets to her concert, I emailed one of the local radio stations and asked if they could help me out. They, amazingly, offered to take my book and hand it to her before the concert.

And they did! On Friday, Taylor Swift was holding PRADA & PREJUDICE, saying that she was excited to read it. After all it has taken to get to this point-- the rejection, the revising, the reWRITING-- one of the coolest things EVER happened becuase I stuck with it through all the months and all the rejections. I feel kinda weird and fangirly about it (I'm not the type to read US weekly or anything...) but Taylor is so damn talented, I can't help but admire her. 

What a crazy, crazy trip this has been since I first wrote PRADA & PREJUDICE!  


If y'all want another tale of perseverence in this crazy industry, head on over to mindiscott  's blog. She spent close to two years writing and then revising her novel...and then nearly A YEAR querying agents. Once she landed her agent and turned in some more light revisions, it sold in a matter of weeks.

She just announced today that she's being published by pulse (Simon & Schuster!) So go congratulate her!!

Congrats Mindi!