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May 4th, 2009

Five Word Answers with Deva Fagan!

Today's guest is Deva Fagan, author of Fortune's Folly.

Read her 5 word answers!Collapse )

Isn't this the cutest cover EVER? If you're looking for a good MG Fantasy, this one is in stores now! :-)
I'm down to 5 weeks! 37 days!! EE!


So here are five types of books I'd love to read-- preferably from the YA section!! Anyone have any recomendations?

1) A killer YA romance. Along the lines of GOING TOO FAR by Jennifer Echols or THE SEASON by Sara Maclean, in which the romance is truly front & center, and not a side plot.

2) Something with a mystery element. A puzzle that just MUST be solved. Along the lines of LIPSTICK APOLOGY by Jennifer Jabaley or THE BODY FINDER by Kim Derting.

3) A paranormal strongly anchored in the real world. Such as FAIRY TALE by Cyn Balog or GOLDEN by Jennifer Lynn Barnes.

4) Something hysterically funny, like AUDREY, WAIT by Robin Benway or A MATCH MADE IN HIGH SCHOOL by Kristin Walker.

5) An "issue" book, such as as WINTERGIRLS by Laurie Halse Anderson or DREAMLAND by Sarah Dessen.... a book which deals with a tough subject like rape, abuse, anorexia, etc.

Any suggestions guys??

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The Latest News:

New Deal: Imogen Howson's LINKED sells to S&S BFYR, in a two book pre-empt for six figures.

You Wish is in its Fifth Printing! and Prada and Prejudice is in its Sixth Printing!

New deal: Jessica Martinez' VIRTUOSITY sells to Simon Pulse, at Auction, in a 2 book deal.




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