April 22nd, 2009


RIPPLE teaser

Current Favorite lines from RIPPLE:

Instead of hating me like everyone else, he looked like he wanted to hug me. He looked like he was about to step forward and brush away the tear that had rolled down my cheek.

And I wanted to let him.

I grind my teeth and pick up the fastest walk I can manage as I head out the cemetery, my thoughts swimming with Troy.

He’s going to be trouble.

Lauch party in Western Washington....

For any Ljers who live in the greater Seattle area, I am having my book launch in Enumclaw, WA on June 19th.

If you'd like a post card invitation to the event (not that you need one-- you can totally just pop in) so you can, you know, stick it on your fridge so you can stare at it for the next 7 weeks or so, please leave me a comment with your address.

I am screening comments so that you dont have to worry about anyone seeing your address.

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