March 13th, 2009


Friday Four: The Prada Edition

1. Prada comes out in LESS THAN THREE MONTHS. 2 months, 29 days, to be precise.

2. I was reviewed recently by a YA librarian!! This one was oh-so-exciting for me, since she's the first "industry" type person to review it.

3. As for the WIDGET FOR A PRIZE contest, I forgot to announcce when it would "close". Enter by March 20th to get in on the first round of prizes (One of which is an ARC!!). We still have more prizes than entries, so your chances of winning something at this point are 100%. If there are only a few postcard winners, I'll bump you all up to a lipgloss+signed post card. SO go enter!!

4.  A big thank you to ruthannereid , who created an LJ-friendly widget code!!! She is a total goddess. If you are on LJ, you can now put the widget in your sidebar by going HERE.