December 25th, 2008


A Look back at 2008

So on January 11, 2008, I said: "2008? It's going to be my year." Guess I was feeling hopeful that an entire year stretched out before me, like a clean slate.

2008 turned out to be a roller coaster year, that's for sure. The first few months brought a half dozen rejections, and one HUGE revision request. I accepted the challenge, opend a new word document, and completely rewrote PRADA & PREJUDICE. In the end, that total rewrite is what kicked it up a notch, and I sold about a month or so later.

So here's what happened in '08:

*Racked up a half dozen rejections
*Rewrote Prada & Prejudice, making the 9th draft.
*Got a few more rejections
*Got TWO offers for PRADA & PREJUDICE, and ended up signing a two book deal with Razorbill--and an editor that rejected two previous versions of P&P
*Made it through a marathon of revisions in order to meet a Summer 2009 release date
*Got to see my cover and hold my own ARC's
*Accepted another book deal with Harlequin--making it three books in a year for 2008!
*Began working on my first ever true Paranormal book
*Went to a SCBWI conference
*Sold French rights for Prada

*Read (or will read) 75 books, double my previous year's amount:

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