December 18th, 2008


Fun New Contest!

So, since I have plenty of my custom lipglosses to give away, it's time for a new contest!!

While in Las Vegas last weekend, I visited a Prada store:

(Click for larger)

Answer Two questions!

A) What was the price tag on the real Prada heels?   In true PRICE-IS-RIGHT fashion, you cannot go over or you are elminated.

B) In case of tie-breaker: Describe the first pair of heels I wore-- color, open toed or not, how tall the heels were, did they have buckles or no buckles?

You get two guesses if you link me in your blog!

Good luck! A yummy tub of cookie flavored lip gloss is the prize!

Comments are screened, so guess by commenting! Contest closes Monday at Noon EST.

PS-> And yes, Debs can enter too!