December 9th, 2008


Blog in Bullets

So, I got back from Vegas to find the best e-mail in box EVER. Seriously. Here is all that went on while I was gone.

*Chandler blogged about me (and my blog) over at Fumbling With Fiction. It's about submissions and rejection and breaking through and all the emotional rollercoaster of this industry. It was so fun for me to read and see her own feelings in reacting to my posts from months ago, knowing that I was once in that very same place.
*Arya Darcy put up my interview! Go check it out if you want to know who would play my characters in the movie version, and whether I prefer Pirates over Ninjas.

*And finally..... I GOT MY FIRST BLURB! Lauren Myracle (I have a hard time saying this without going: LAUREN-FREAKING-MYRACLE!!!!!) read Prada & Prejudice and offers this to say about it: "If the shoe fits, wear it--and if you're in the mood for a frickin' awesome romance, this is definitely the shoe for you."

I am so thrilled that she loved it and offered a blurb--and that the blurb is just so totally adorable and fits the book! My editor was equally excited and wants to put it on the cover. I can now die a happy death, as Lauren is one of my absolute fav authors, and I truly admire her as a person and for what she's done with her career.

Lauren-Freaking-Myracle, people.