December 4th, 2008


Train Time

A lot of people ask me where I find the time to write. The answer: wherever I can.

Often times, that means writing on my 30 minute train commute, totaling an hour a day. It can be a really productive time, becuase I'll be sure and choose a car that does not have access to WiFi, and I'll tap away at the keyboard.

But sometimes people ask me what i'm doing--maybe becuase I write at 85WMP+, and I can do it while looking out the window. Maybe becuase sometimes, its like my fingers never stop moving for thirty minutes. So people ask what I'm doing.

This morning, the guy sitting next to me was a very large, forty-something year old man, dressed in painter's gear and an NFL jacket, his lunchbox sitting at his feet. In other words, so not my target audience for teen novels or romance novels.

Him: You're just tapping away, huh?
Me:Yep. I write books. So it takes a lot of tapping to get that many words on the screen.
Him: Oh? What kind.
Me: I write young-adult novels, and have one coming out in June, but the one I'm working on is a romance. Totally up your alley, I'm sure.
him: OH. *turns back to his newspaper.

Five minutes later.....
Him: *glancces over periodically.*. Sorry I keep spying. I am just curious what your romance novel looks like.
Me: Oh. I'm working on one of my teen novels now. *Switches my word doc to another one, becuase I am writing a "mornign after a one-night stand" chapter, and having a fortysomething year old painter read about a guy trying to find his boxer shorts is not very appealing.*
Him: Oh. Like with love letters?
Me: Sort of. Actually, yes, there are love notes in this one.
Him: Yeah, i remember passing notes. It was a long time ago.
Me; Now its text messages and emails. This is the cover for my novel coming in June, by the way.
Him: Prada and Prejud- Oh, god. Really?
Me: Yeah. See? Told you these were your kind of novels.
Him: Oh, I read those harlequins all the time.
Me: You probably have a stack of them next to your bed.