November 17th, 2008


Penguin Young Readers-- Catalog

For those interested, Penguin has uploaded its Summer 09 Young Reader's catalog.

WARNING: it is 35MB, so it is not dial-up friendly. Those with slow internets should right click and "save target as" so that you can fully download it to your computer before browsing it.

Now, for fun, i shall show you the PRADA page behind this cut (becuase it is large). And you should know IT IS A DIFFERENT COVER! Collapse )

Teaser Tueday (SHATTERED)

This is from the first chapter of SHATTERED, the novel that may or may not be book 2 with Razorbill:

Nothing can protect me now. No one can protect me now. I pushed them all away. I lost everything. I gave it to him, and he gave me this.

I think my wrist might be broken. Every time I move it, pain tears up my arm and steals my breath away. I try to shift my weight, leaning more on my leg that doesn’t feel bruised and sore, but the glass scattered around me crunches under my weight, and I stop.

It’s shattered. The whole beautiful sculpture. It’s in a thousand pieces around me, littering the floor, each tiny piece symbolizing another hour I spent searching out the sea glass, painstakingly assembling it with all of its mates.

And now it is nothing. Just like me.

I reach up towards the bed and pull the ratty patchwork quilt off the mattress and cover myself completely, until I can’t see the lightning striking outside the window anymore. The room is still buzzing with the sounds of the pouring rain, but I welcome it. It fills the room and drives away the silence.

Lightning strikes, and the flash glints off a piece of tumbled glass poking into my cocoon, and I kick it swiftly away. I can’t ignore the pierce of pain as I watch it disappear. He knew how much that sculpture meant. He knew the nights I stayed up late putting it together.

And he threw it in an explosion of rage.