November 12th, 2008



Random bits and pieces:

*I washed my iPod again. For good measure, I also ran it through the dryer this time. I let it sit for a week and it works great. I am currently listening to Taylor Swift's new album.

*I found out whose legs are on the cover of my book! They belong to Jessica Rothenberg, another editor at Razorbill. So I guess she can add "leg model" to her resume.

*Good news is stewing. I hope it becomes something I can share soon!

*I have FINALLY kicked into gear on revising SHATTERED and hope to be done by Thanksgiving.

*Speaking of Thanksgiving, that is when I should find out what my editor would like me to do as far as book 2.

*I am now on goodreads! Feel free to friend me or mark my book as "to be read".

*walkwrite  read my book and described it as "Pride & Prejudice meets The Wizard of Oz meets The Princess Diaries. "Couldn't have said it better myself! :-)