October 31st, 2008


And the winner is....


walkwritewas the closest to guess correctly on the page # for chapter five. Her guess? 33. It was 26.

She beat me at my own game, because I figured it was closer to 40. In my defense, my editor went through and broke the larger chapters apart just befor sending PRADA & PREJUDICE off to be typeset.

And speaking of Kristin Walker, it just-so-happens that she is also a Razorbill author, and so we've recently forged a friendship (though she has never read PRADA AND PREJUDICE!). Her debut, A MATCH MADE IN HIGH SCHOOL is coming in May 2009, a month before me.

It's about a high school senior named Fiona who is forced to endure a year-long Marriage Education course as a pre-req for graduating high school. It would be great if she'd been paired with her crush, Gabe. But instead she ends up with Jock-Jerk Todd Harding, the last guy on earth she'd marry. This book is fast-paced, fun, and just plain laugh-out-loud funny.

My favorite part? From page four:
She must have been hiding it so I wouldn't look like a goon in front of Gabe. She knew how I felt about him. No one else knew. (Well, okay, I had told Samantha Pickler, the eleven-year-old I babysat for. But that was during Truth or Dare; I had no choice. It was either tell, or climb the dogwood tree in her front yard, moon cars that pass, and yell, "Fresh Buns for Sale!" )

I had never read her book either, until two days ago, when Razorbill happened to send me a copy. I tore through this book, and I think it's going to go over very well when it releases in May!

And since there was another fairly close guess--[info]fandoria  , at 37, I will offer you a runner up prize. Your choice between the custom sugar-cookie flavored lip gloss (The words will say "Prada & Prejudice, June 2009):
or this cool key chain:


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