October 8th, 2008


The usual updates

Tonight I am hard at work on an adult project. My agent and I are sending a couple of samples over to Harlequin for the NASCAR line. I am excited to switch gears for a bit and work on a different age group. It's fun, shifting to a demographic with entirely different concerns than YA--and yet some of the exact same ones, too. (Does he like me? Do I like him?)

I do have a historical romance I can send them, but since the Nascar romances are contemporary (Huh, guess they didnt have nascar in 1810, eh?) I am hoping to get a nice contemp sample polished up by Tuesday, when we're sending it on over.

So, aside from this new venture, I believe I am basically done with all editing with PRADA AND PREJUDICE, and we're moving on to book 2 stuff over at Razorbill. Crazy that in May I had no books, and now I am moving onto my second published book--and hoping for a third.

Anywho, I have missed teaser tuesday for awhile, so here is a snippet of something I wrote today

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